1. By the only fact of placing an order, the buyer accepts our general conditions of sale. These replace all other conditions specific to the buyer.

  2. Orders are accepted only to the extent of the availability of goods and as long as the buyer accepts our general conditions of sale. Our offers are sent without commitment of maintenance of the mentioned prices for more than five days.

  3. Our delivery times are without obligation. A late supply cannot be grounds for refusal or refusal compensation.

  4. Unless otherwise stated our prices are leaving our factory. Deliveries are at the risk of the recipient.

  5. Any complaint must be in writing within 5 days after receipt of the goods.

  6. In case of force majeure, orders and deliveries may be partially or completely postponed, reduced or even cancelled during the entire period during which our company would be prevented from delivering normally.

  7. Any recovery of merchandise is subject to the agreement of our company.

  8. Unless otherwise stipulated our goods are payable in cash, net and without discount. Any invoice refused without valid reason will be increased by collection and protest fees. Any invoice not paid at the due date will bear interest following the discount rate of the National Bank + 2%. In any case, in the absence of payment or reasonable payment proposal, after formal notice by registered letter, the amount due will be increased by a flat rate of 10% with a minimum of 25 €.

  9. For all disputes, the courts of Charleroi are the only competent.